Christina MackieChristina Mackie

Works available

The Large Huts
Polystyrene, Steel and Cement
Dimensions Variable



Christina Mackie trained at St Martin's school of Art, London and has exhibited in the UK and throughout Europe. Her most recent work, The Large Huts, was commissioned by the Tate especially for Tate Britain's Sculpture Court.
Mackie's sculptures The Large Huts are inspired by her visit to Balochistan, Pakistan, where she also undertook a residency last year. It was a time when a shift began to appear in her processes of working. She began to move away from her original process of slow assemblage to carving, sculpting and moulding. The scarcity of manufactured supplies made Mackie move towards more traditional, sculptural techniques experimenting with clays from the Indus Valley. The Large Huts are based on drawings and a series of clay maquettes she made of shelters at Gadani Beach. The Large Huts have been scaled up to twenty times their original size.